Zinzo, On Being a Terrible Editer


┬áSo you may be wondering, how can someone like myself presume to be the editor of an online magazine when he obviously dose’nt even know how to place, a comma? Sure, you might say, “They’re use of grammar is real bad and they barely get the gist of proper word and sentence structurings.”

I imagine people reading this and thinking, “Zinzo must be nuts over their. I mean why would anyone submit anything, to that hack when there obviously oblivious to things like typos and flagrant spelling errors?”

I couldn’t agree more. We must literally have pudding for brains, because sometimes I astound myself with the horrible garbage that easily saunters through my obviously poor internal bad-writing filter.

Obviously, my sense of metaphor and simile is as flawed in equalness to my poor linguistic usements. It’s as if I am a overly ripe banana that wants nothing more than to be a head of administration of all fruits in the fruit parade, or even worse, I’m like a police officer dressed in all red who wants to be a firefighter who wears both red and blue. A brain surgeon can make plenty of mistakes, maybe even leave a sponge in someones head, but if the patient’s retartedness is gone after the surgical-smartening procedure, isn’t that the true measure of success? Teach a man to fish and he’ll have to fish all the time for his food. Give a man a fisherman and he can spend his time eating lots of fish, but at the same time he can binge watch Frazier on Netflix instead of fish all the time.

For the clothes minded of you: the only thing I can tell you is that; cut me some slack. For all intensive purposes I am doing my best. So what if i havent masterd spell check or learnt to use proper gramar. I have heart and passion and true-grit, and sometimes its all it takes.

Obviously, I need to improve. I am man enough to be in admittance to such facts. But my real hope is thet my more discerning readers will be able to cut through societies “bull-shit” adherence to “rules” and the “status quo” and simply be able to “see past” the the “flaws” and do a mental “drill down” to the “grains of truth” that lie an the bottom of the proverbial “well.”

Thanks for you’re support,