Amazon Essence Premium Bottled Water

ODrinking Water Splashingur premium water is gathered from the finest old growth trees the in the Amazon. We spare no expense when we remove all organic matter including soil, trees and plants all the way down to the bedrock. Then using our patented water reclamation process the organic matter is heated under vacuum. The millennia old essential moisture is painstakingly collected drop by drop. We then rush this product to our secondary processing facility via an army of indigenous Amazon Essence motorcycle transporters.. There the water is purified 7 times, run through a .0004 micron filter, and UV sterilized. Our premium water is then shipped to our Ecuadorian bottling facility where each and every hand blown glass bottle is filled in our “cold storage room” which is kept at a year round temperature of 40.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottles are then flown form our private airport via our fleet of cold storage jet air planes (running 24 ours a day) to or facility in Phoenix, Arizona where the water undergoes its final 3 year ageing process in our secondary cold storage at 35.7 degrees Fahrenheit. After the water has been properly aged, our master taster samples one bottle from each 12 bottle case, and once determined to meet our exacting standards the sample bottle is discarded and the remaining 11 are sent once again by private jet to airports around the world, where they are received by armoured cold-storage trucks and delivered to our most discerning customers. Because of the high demand we can only sell one 11 unit case per day per customer. When something is this perfect, why put a label on it.