An athiest’s prayer.

atheists-liveWould you please say a prayer with me?

I’d be happy to, would you like to say it?

No I’d prefer that you did it,

OK….God, please help Ms. Sams through her pain. Give her the strength to endure the trials you have put her through. Was that Ok?

That was nice, thank you. Would you say ‘in Jesus name amen?’

Sure. In Jesus name amen.

What denomination are you.

Excuse me?

I mean which church do you belong to?

I don’t go to church.

Dear, a nice man like you. You need to go back to church.

I never went to church.

But you believe in Jesus?

No… I don’t.

You don’t believe in Jesus, what religion are you?

I don’t have a religion.

Do you believe in God?


But you prayed for me.

I did. I prayed for you.

Who were you praying to if you don’t believe in god.?

No one. I prayed for you… Because you asked me to.

Well what good do you think that will do?

Did it make you feel any better?

It was nice, but how could it mean anything if you don’t believe in God?

It meant something to you, right?

Why would you pray for me if you don’t believe in God.

Like I said, I prayed to for you to ease your suffering. I thought it might make you feel better.

Well, now I don’t know what to think. Don’t you think it was kind of a lie, you know, to pray to a God you don’t believe in.

No. You asked me to pray with you. What could it hurt? I thought it might help ease your suffering. Do you believe God hears everything?

Well of course.

Then you believe he heard me.

Well of course he did, but do you think he did.

I don’t believe there is a God. I prayed to make you feel better. If you think God heard me doesn’t that count?

I don’t think so. ….Maybe.

Why not.

I don’t know it just doesn’t feel right.

But if you believe God heard me, and I was talking about you, then wouldn’t he make an exception in this case?

Well. I guess…. Have you ever tried accepting Jesus into your heart.

Yes I have.

Did you mean it?

Yes, I did.

Are you sure.

Yes. But we’re not here to talk about me. I just wanted you to feel better.

Would you be willing to try to accept Jesus into your heart one more time? For an old lady.

I would say the words with you, but I wouldn’t mean them.

Why not?

Because I don’t believe in Jesus or that Jesus was the son of god.

Oh you poor dear. May I say a prayer for you, would you be offended?


Dear lord, please help XXXXXX to see the light. May he bask in the glory that is your love. May he know the peace and comfort that only you can provide. Like the peace that I feel when I remember that I am shrouded in you grace. In Jesus name amen.


You don’t believe in God just a little bit?

No, not really.

That’s too bad. I’ll keep praying for you.

Thanks, I appreciate that… would it make you feel better if I asked someone else to come in and pray with you.

No. I think you may have done more to quiet my soul than you know.

Thank you. Just trying to help. But, really I can call the pastor if you’d like.

If God wants to work his will through an atheist, then so be it. I was afraid that God had abandoned me before I talked to you just now. He knows I haven’t been the best Christian. But when you reminded me that God hears everything, and I saw the caring in your eyes, thats what God is. He sent a fella like you with love in his heart, but no brains in his head to remind me how lucky I am to be in his fold. I’ll pray for you, son. You’re a good man. I think if you keep looking, you’ll find him.

I’m glad I can make you smile.

It’s bitter sweet, though.